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HDB Flats


Family oriented/singlehood


‘Subsidies on all essential items to cushion the pocket’

The Straits Times, 9 March 1973, pp. 6

Summary: Parliamentary debate on rising costs of living, and especially issues of housing



A charter for the care of our ‘senior citizens’ (letter)

The Straits Times, 4 June 1977, pp. 17

Summary: an opinion piece about the importance of keeping family together and maintaining Singapore’s ‘Asian values’



Six more child-care centres to open in next two years

The Straits Times, 10 Dec 1988, pp. 24

Summary: child-care facilities around HDB neighbourhoods for young families



That single question

Today, 14 Jan 2003, pp. 2

Summary: singles neglected in the studio apartment policy for the elderly



Demand for resale flats among singles soars after rule change

The Straits Times, 5 Oct 2005, pp. 1

Microfilm reel: NL26493

Also see: A home of our own, NL27304


No way out of this tight squeeze

Today, 11 Dec 2006, pp. 21

Summary: government’s housing policy not flexible enough for those who marry late



Fussy or a real need?

Today, 8 Oct 2009, pp. 1

Summary: Experiences of first-time applicants (young couples)


Also see: Enough flats to go around but many people want theirs in choice areas (NL18498)

Also see: Don’t shun flats in newer estates (NL30356)


Hearts and hearth

The Straits Times, 9 Aug 1985, pp. 13

Summary: evolution of a family (basic unit in the social fabric of the nation) and their homes



Govt studying ways to help them [singles to own HDB flats]

The Straits Times, 29 July 1997, pp. 26

Microfilm reel: NL20192


Social issues


Buy now where they are still cheap

The Straits Times, 19 Nov 1979, pp. 19

Summary: A piece about the problem of rising housing prices due to property speculation, and what middle-class Singaporeans should - or could - do.



They can help break down barriers

The Straits Times, 16 June 1980, pp. 6

Summary: the role of RCs in encouraging a racially-harmonious Singapore



Anti-drug war moving to HDB heartlands

The Straits Times, 25 Nov 1995, pp. 33

Microfilm reel: NL 20075


The bond that can bring comfort to crowded living

The Straits Times, 26 Feb 1973, pp. 11

Summary: then-education minister talks about the importance of developing a strong sense of common ‘Singaporean’ identity in order for those in high-density HDB flats to live cohesively



Grassroots leaders can improve lives

The Straits Times, 4 June 1996, pp. 22

Microfilm reel: NL 20111


A long way from Kampung days

The Straits Times, 13 July 1995, pp. 32

Microfilm reel: NL20049


Water skiers’ river once a lifeline for fishing folk

The Straits Times, 27 Nov 1987, pp. 4

Summary: Fishing village along Seletar reservoir slowly being resettled to Yishun HDB estates in order to make way for HDB flats



Avert tension by having a mix of citizens in HDB estates

The Straits Times, 25 Aug 1981, pp. 7

Summary: Tony Tan’s take on ways to achieve social harmony in Singapore



Foreigners and permanent residents a more common sight in the heartlands

Today, 26 oct 2009, pp. 2



Pre-empt the ‘newcomer ghettos’

Today, 24 Nov 2009, pp. 6

Summary: members of parliament raise concerns over the formation of ‘immigrant ghettos’


Also see: Under 5% of HDB flats owned by PRs The Straits Times, 24 Nov 2009, pp. 34




Town councils: many do not realize that HDB will pull out

The Straits Times, 1 Sep 1988, pp. 1

Summary: Overt connect of the management of HDB estates with electoral and party politics


Also see: Was PAP’s move to tie precinct support to upgrading fair? NL20156.

and PAP wards upgraded first: mixed reaction NL17619

Also see:


PAP strategy gives voters a simple choice

The Straits Times, 19 Sep 1996, pp. 38

Microfilm reel: NL 20132 (Important: the overt conflation of upgrading policies with electoral politics)


The heartland’s still close to his heart

Today, 24 March 2006, pp. 4

Summary: PAP potential MP-elect discusses the problems (both related to HDBs) he found with the WP manifesto



Dos and Don’ts of town councils

Today, 30 Dec 2000, pp. 6

Summary: debates on the roles and responsibilities of town councils



Upgrading not vote-buying: DPM Tan

The Straits Times, 25 Dec 1996, pp. 17

Microfilm reel: NL20151

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