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Another unsafe area in this type of unit (open letter)

The Straits Times, 28 April 1984, pp. 21


Society’s care for destitute spans 3 decades

The Straits Times, 18 Nov 2006, pp. 13

Microfilm reel: NL 27108 (important: clinic at Eunos Crescent block 12 providing medical care for the elderly and the poor)


Health care service at your door step

The Straits Times, 8 May 1985, pp. 21

Summary: plans to build health care centres for the elderly in several estates (including Eunos)



Shared spaces


Trees up for adoption

The Straits Times, 29 Jan 1985, pp. 11

Summary: 257 Fruit trees – jack fruit, mango, guava and dwarf coconut – grown in the estate are available for ‘adoption’. Mobilizing the community to care for the trees, and the fruit harvest will be theirs.


Also see:


These nurseries serve as a park to residents

The Straits Times, 25 Oct 1985, pp. 19

Summary: An opinion piece about the importance of gardening spaces in HDB estates (including Eunos)



Room for more activities in void decks?

The Striats Times, 15 Oct 1985, pp. 15

Summary:  RC leaders’ perspectives on what the void deck should be allowed to be utilized for, and what are some of the activities taking place in the void decks (includes Eunos Crescent)



Short cuts that are a threat to life and property

The Straits Times, 13 Nov 1987, pp. 21

Summary: Examples of spontaneous alterations to the urban space by the people using them, and through these alterations they subverting the planned routes and create new routines and experiences for themselves.



Mirrors of a nation

The Straits Times, 25 Sep 1988, pp. 3

Summary: murals with implicit nation-building messages mounted on panels at void decks (including some at Eunos)


Also see: Decorative panels to perk up dull void decks,

Also see: Adding colour,


Eunos to get $2m temporary market

The Straits Times, 18 July 1999, pp. 30

Microfilm reel: NL20328


Racial/ethnic issues


‘Transport no more a reason to reject flats’

The Straits Times, 20 Dec 1982, pp. 13

Summary: then-MP for Kaki Bukit visits the Jalan Eunos and Kaki Bukit Malay settlement, which has been acquired for housing development.



Dr Tay warns of potential threats to racial harmony: racial enclaves and religious tensions cited

The Straits Times, 18 Feb 1989, pp. 14

Summary: Then senior-minister of state and MP for Eunos GRC speaks against the formation of racial enclaves and the dangers of implicating politics and religion - interesting that this is brought up at the Eunos citizens’ consultative committee dinner



Singaporeans accept need for racially cohesive society

The Straits Times, 31 Jan 1989, pp. 20

Summary: interview between Agnes Wee of ST and then-development minister S. Dhanabalan about the re-emergence of ethnic enclaves, especially in Eunos, Bedok, Hougang and Ang Mo Kio, and the racial quota for resale flats


Also see:


Bridging the spatial income divide


Estate hopes to attract middle income

The Straits Times, 28 Sep 1984, pp. 4

Summary: Building of larger flats and HUDC apartments in Geylang Serai and Eunos to attract the middle-income group



Income related


Portrait of the middle class

The Straits Times, 11 Oct 1988, pp. 12

Summary: where you live matters



Help for flat owners in Geylang Serai fire

The Straits Times, 12 Aug 1999, pp. 36

Microfilm reel: NL20333

Also see: (about the fire)


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